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Hola Anabel! Aún estoy impresionada con tu energía, tu humildad y sabiduría .Gracias por tanto!

Seguimos en contacto!

—Mg. Glenda Ecker

"Debido a problemas con dolores en mi lumbago, busque a Anabel para tomar unos clases particulares de yoga.


Al instante me sentí bienvenido en su consultorio. Sentí que Anabel fue muy atenta a mis necesidades en particular, y cada sesión fue creado con ejercicios específicamente para mi. 


Salí de la sesion sintiendome super relajado, contento, bien atendido, y mas que todo con varios ejercicios para poder aplicar en mi casa. Ejercicios que me han ayudado mucho para regresar donde estoy ahora, sin dolor ninguno en mi lumbago.


Puedo recomendar Anabel ampliamente!"


Dear Anabel: One reason I like your classes so much is that each one is different. In the time I have been coming, I can’t recall ever thinking “We’ve had this class before.” I just want to be sure you know your effort isn’t overlooked. I will miss being in class next week.


Anabel, The workshop that you did last year and that I attended on sequencing was and is very helpful.  


I always start my practice in a more meditative pose to determine what my body and mind need for my practice, then stretching and warm-up and then more vigorous poses.  And again at the end something that works evenly on my body, so both sides of my body get a stretch and then sometimes breathing practice and savasana.  This is all because of your workshop that I am more mindful of the sequencing of my practice. 

Thank you for helping me in my practice.

Willie Williams

You are master at teaching yoga and as a philosopher too! Your messages through movement are powerful and deep. 

Thank you for the work that you do. the world needs more Anabels!

Julie Sharpe

La vida gira y gira y nos enfrenta a momentos inesperados, donde perdí la razón para seguir adelante, yo te encontré y con tu ayuda estoy descubriendo esa razón.

Gracias a tu guía y paciencia, porque  en cada clase y meditación descubro un lugarcito de paz dentro de mi.





I've been attending Anabel's yoga classes for more than 10 years. She is simply the best yoga instructor there is! I thoroughly enjoy her classes as it is a perfect combination of challenge with a good, thorough cool down. She is a gentle soul who encourages each student at their specific skill level. She is the only instructor I recommend to friends and family while in San Miguel. I can't say enough about Anabel!

—Margaret  Judson



Balanced mix of Spanish and English - you never feel lost. What I love MOST about Anabel is that she not only coaches you thru the yoga positions, she DEMONSTRATES the positions. To me, this is essential! She's encouraging and helps inspire confidence so that you can safely challenge your limits and go further. Safely and with confidence. LOVE her classes!     ​

—April M

Desde que empece a hacer Yoga con Anabel hace anos, su clase siempre ha sido para mi como llegar a un refugio del que siempre salgo en mucho mejor estado fisico y emocional, pero ultimamente esta clase ha sido parte escencial de una recuperación personal y me ayudado inmensamente a sobrellevar los momentos duros. Anabel es una maestra extraordinaria y le estoy muy agradecida..

—Stephanie Bubela


Anabel Cardenas is a passionate and extremely competent yoga teacher. I have used her both privately and within a classroom setting, and would highly recommend her. She is very professional, very experienced, and brings a varied and comprehensive approach to the yoga practice. 


—Karen Lang



Anable is a knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and beautiful person inside and out. Her yoga classes are grounding, peaceful and jet energetic. Very beautifully led. She authentically cares about her students.                                —Jessica Patterson

I have been practicing yoga for many years with many different teachers....Anabel has been one of the best!
She is challenging without pushing you to do more than your body will allow in that moment. She mixes up the class so it is different every time. Even with (for me) difficult poses, I always feel successful because Anabel gives several positions to take within each pose, so everyone feels the benefit. I highly recommend!


—Linda Larino

He participado en cuatro retiros de Meditación de tres dias y un retiro de un día, guiada por Anabel .

Es una experiencia muy gratificante, única e irrepetible, ya que aunque lo he hecho varias veces, cada uno ha sido especial y cada uno me ha aportado algo diferente, que me han permitido enfrentar situaciones en este momento difíciles.

Es un viaje hacia un lugar al que nadie puede acceder  más que uno mismo... nuestro interior. 

Agradezco a Anabel por compartir su amor y entrega a la Meditación.

—Laura Elias

My life transforming journey into meditation began 5 yrs ago attending Anabel's meditation retreat. In this 4 days of silence, Anabel gently guided me in reconnecting with my authentic spirit and soul. She blends these very intensive days with  meditation focusing your attention on breath and bodily sensations along with much welcomed gentle yoga. 

Since then , I have taken 2 more of Anabel's retreat and will continue to  do so whenever possible. I can safely recommend her teaching of this very special and beneficial meditation method as I have now attended the longer 10 days courses offered worldwide as well .

Wither you are already a meditation practitioner ( will strengthen your practice ) or have never sat before

( will give a strong base to which to begin a practice like I did) ...anyone will be able to benefit in Anabel's very well thought out and compassionate program. She is a amazing teacher! 

Do not miss this rare opportunity to discover or rediscover yourself.


Thank you again and always for your unconditional guidance Anabel!!

With love and respect ... Your eternally grateful student,

—Leslie Tung

Dear Anabel:


First, thank you for your helpful teaching last Saturday. I had never before begun with grounding myself, listening to my breath or thinking about the intentions of the practice. I just began doing asanas, usually with little awareness or connection to my mind or breath. Since your workshop, that has been my daily focus. It has changed my practice.


—Alex MacLeod

Dearest Anabel, 

I simply don't know how to thank you for taking the time to help me yesterday with my knee. You are so very good at what you do and are so gentle when you teach and I found everything you said so very helpful. I never in a million years thought you were giving me the lesson as a gift and am overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you so very much. You are a beautiful bright light and the world is a better place because you are in it. 

Much love,

—Taylor Korobow


"Desde hace mas de 20 años tengo la fortuna de conocer a Anabel;  en mi infancia como mi maestra de Ballet, la cual me ayudo a mi formación personal,  y ahora en otra etapa de mi vida como instructora de yoga.

Mi experiencia practicando yoga con Anabel estos años ha sido enriquecedora, ha cambiado mi percepción de vida, así como a conectarme con el aquí y ahora,  trabajar una relación con mi cuerpo, mente y espíritu.

Gracias por guiarme en este camino de tanto aprendizaje y descubrimiento.

—Paola García



Tomar clase de yoga con Anabel es un disfrute. Me encanta que es muy

cuidadosa con cada alumno dependiendo su nivel,es perfectamente bilingüe y sobre todo

sabe mucho y lo enseña de una manera accesible para todos: Tanto si ya eres yogui experimentado como si apenas descubres el yoga, Anabel es una elección de cinco estrellas

—Federico Orozco



Querida maestra Anabel estoy muy contenta con retomar mis clases ya que he logrado con tus conocimientos recuperar mi equilibro y comienzo a tener flexibilidad.Gracias por tu clase tan terapeutica y llena de aprendizaje y el cuidado que siempre pones en cada una de las posturas pues eso hace que tu clase tenga el plus que tiene

—Mayte Paramo.


 Have studied yoga in many countries, (India included), and have yet to meet a teacher that is challenging, grounded, spiritual, and alignment focused quite like Annabel. She remembers we can do the crazy moves, just as long as you have correct form and the right sequence to get there;)She is awesome! Anyone who does not learn from her and has the chance to would be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime

—Brook Woolf


Anabel is an outstanding teacher, has the right balance in all aspects of her teaching. As a new student I am impressed with her constant connection with me and adjustments


—Rosemarie Schild.




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